Hālau I Ka Wēkiu, under the direction of Michael Casupang and Karl Veto Baker. With over 30 years of combined study, hula brothers Casupang and Baker graduated through traditional ‘uniki ceremonies in August 1995 by Kumu Hula Robert Cazimero.
The perpetuation of their hula genealogy is of utmost importance, and spans many generations. They also believe that in addition to being an art, hula is a way of life. The lessons taught through the study of hula can aid in everyday life: perseverance, dedication, commitment and respect are all values that can be learned in a hālau.


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KUmZ | He Ola

KUmZ is debuting their newest album entitled “He Ola” at our upcoming 20th Anniversary Concert. Featured on this album are songs from Halāu I Ka Wēkiu presentations at the 2017 and 2018 Merrie Monarch Festival, Read more…